Reviews – X BOX

Doors of Insanity (PC, PS4, PS5, SWITCH, XBOXONE, XBOX X/S)

“You’re Dead Bud.” Doors of Insanity A thank you once again goes out to Another Indie for sending me out a copy of the first 2021 release I get to review. There isn’t much a story to Doors of Insanity and if their is it’s not told particularly well but the game can be forgiven… Read more “Doors of Insanity (PC, PS4, PS5, SWITCH, XBOXONE, XBOX X/S)”


Dishonored (PC, PS3 ,360)

Today I find myself yet again sitting behind my desk with nothing to do. So instead of the usual (watch Game of Thrones) I’ve decided to do something a little bit more constructive. Instead I decided to go to the steam-punk, industrial city of Dunwall. A city full to the brim of plague, rats and… Read more “Dishonored (PC, PS3 ,360)”

Mass Effect (PC, XBOX 360)

So, I’m still waiting on my computer to arrive. Meaning I’ve not got my copy of Mass Effect 3, meaning I haven’t played it, meaning I still cannot tell everyone how good it is. Although it does give me the opportunity to go back and give another look at the series humble beginnings. Commander Shepard’s… Read more “Mass Effect (PC, XBOX 360)”

Fable 3 (PC, XBOX 360)

This week the revolution begins as I expose the power struggle within the kingdom of Albion in Peter Molyneux’s latest fable… Fable 3 I’ve been a fan of the Fable since it’s humble beginnings. Back in the days when Microsoft were the new kids to the console wars one of it’s later exclusive titles was… Read more “Fable 3 (PC, XBOX 360)”

Fahrenheit (PC, PS2, XBox)

  This week I’ll be looking back into the past at Quantic Dream’s earlier attempt of interactive story telling. Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy for you Americans). I think I can honestly say Fahrenheit has easily taken the award for most disappointing U-turn out of every computer game I’ve played (and I’ve played alot of games).… Read more “Fahrenheit (PC, PS2, XBox)”